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Files commited to version control (i.e. not in .gitignore) can still be ignored when deploying. To ignore these files or directories, simply add them to .gitattributes:

config/deploy/deploy.rb   export-ignore
config/deploy/            export-ignore

These files will be kept in version control but not deployed to the server.

Note: This feature is probably unnecessary unless the root of your repository is also your web server’s docroot. For example, in a Rails application, the docroot is the public/ folder. Since all of the Capistrano configuration lives above or beside this folder, it cannot be served and is not a security risk. If the docroot is indeed at the base of the repository, consider changing that by moving the code at the repository base to a subdirectory such as public_html instead of using this feature. Note that this feature is very specific to Git and will not work on other SCMs.

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