Note: Here be dragons. The console is very immature, but it’s much more cleanly architected than previous incarnations and it’ll only get better from here on in.

Execute arbitrary remote commands, to use this simply add require 'capistrano/console' which will add the necessary tasks to your environment:

$ bundle exec cap staging console

Then, after setting up the server connections, this is how that might look:

$ bundle exec cap production console
capistrano console - enter command to execute on production
production> uptime
 INFO [94db8027] Running /usr/bin/env uptime on
DEBUG [94db8027] Command: /usr/bin/env uptime
DEBUG [94db8027]   17:11:17 up 50 days, 22:31,  1 user,  load average: 0.02, 0.02, 0.05
 INFO [94db8027] Finished in 0.435 seconds command successful.
production> who
 INFO [9ce34809] Running /usr/bin/env who on
DEBUG [9ce34809] Command: /usr/bin/env who
DEBUG [9ce34809]  leehambley pts/0        2013-06-13 17:11 (
 INFO [9ce34809] Finished in 0.420 seconds command successful.
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